Nephin Mountain

Hi folks, I hope this finds you well. This iPhone photo is a very significant shot for me. For a long time now this mountain has eluded me. We have travelled past it on various trips west but we either didn’t have the time or it had too big a hat on. Anyway I finally managed to climb it earlier this year and it was one of the most exhilarating days I have ever had. Anyone that studies the weather in the west knows they consistently get the wind speed wrong, amongst other things, so when we reached the 600 metre mark we got a shock in how much we had to fight to get up it. But we made it and what did we see at the top?

Nephin 😂

The even stronger winds on the descent meant we stopped quite a few times so most of these photos were taken on these stops. The mighty Nephin Mountain in County Mayo. One of the best days of my hillwalking life…